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Which e-commerce platform should you choose Amazon or Shopify? Here is a guide to help you choose the right platform.

Are you just getting started with online selling or planning to change the e-commerce platform? Choosing the right one to sell your products to is one of the most significant decisions for every business owner. The two most distinct platforms to choose from are Shopify and Amazon. But what should you choose? Both Shopify and Amazon are used for selling products online but they are technically different. While Shopify allows businesses to create a singular online store, Amazon is the marketplace where you can sell your products along with various other companies. 

Which is the best platform for your business?

Whether your business demands Shopify or Amazon depends on the goals. For instance, if you are a reseller looking forward to a wholesale or retail platform, Amazon would be the right choice. You just have to list your items along with products sold previously. Shopify, on the other hand, is a customizable e-commerce platform used to build unique websites. From what research suggests, choosing between two of the biggest tycoons is a tough choice. But the truth is that Shopify is considered the best website builder for e-commerce stores. Choosing Shopify e-commerce Development Company would then be the right choice to create a professional website. But then, you might ask “What should I do?” Building your store on Amazon is a time-saving tool and you can rely on one of the most trusted platforms to sell your products. Moreover, you will already have your audience base on Amazon. While both options seem valid to a certain extent, you need to dig deeper and find out which one is the right choice.

Things to know about Shopify and Amazon

  • Shopify is the right choice if you are trying to build an online store with several features allowing you to control and customize the store. Just hire a Shopify developer in India and you will make your standalone store that has a significant brand presence. As an e-commerce website builder, Shopify provides you with the necessary support to get started in online sales. Although you need third-party apps for Shopify, if you are the one who prefers to run your store individually, Shopify is the best option to choose.
  • The USP is the huge number of visitors that throng this platform, allowing you to take advantage of an existing marketplace. That way, it is easier to connect with the audience. So, if you are a small seller trying to offer your products for retailing in a store but not keen to build your own, Amazon will be a much cheaper option.

Shopify vs. Amazon

Here is a quick comparison between the two most prominent online sellers that would help you get started more easily:

  1. From the point of view of easy usage, Shopify makes it easy to create an online store. To make sure you have your inventories filled, connect with Shopify development services in India and lend your e-commerce store a professional touch. With Amazon, you just have to create a seller account to upload the products and get ahead with selling your products.
  2. When it comes to flexibility in designing, Shopify has a wide range of customizable templates designed for selling and leveling up your brand. Amazon has limited options and can only control the product display and the store page designs. 
  3. For tools and features, Shopify has some of the best ones in the market along with a host of built-in tools. Amazon is also feature-rich but the level of customization is not as strong as Shopify, so you won’t expect uniqueness to the extent that the former offers. If you are keen to build an e-commerce store and make the most of its features and plugins, be sure to hire an offshore web development company in India.
  4. Using Shopify may mean that you will need to add extra efforts to market and optimize the site and ensure that it gets you the desired traffic. Amazon also gets thousands of visitors, so all you need is to compete with other sellers and stop worrying about the traffic or optimization tasks.
  5. For help and support features, Shopify has this 24×7 live chat and phone option to have you covered. Amazon too has good support features but it is not as accessible as Shopify.

Both Shopify and Amazon have their pros and cons. When picking an option, you have to explore the tools and features of both and learn how they can help. Shopify is the best option if you are trying to set up a full-fledged e-commerce attire and scale it up and Amazon is the platform for those business owners who need to fill up the racks of the e-commerce platform without creating a website.

Author Bio: 

Mitali Purkait, boasting more than ten years of expertise in the digital marketing sector, has played a pivotal role in the online triumph of numerous renowned brands. In her capacity as the CEO and co-founder of Digital Concepts, she has been pivotal in catapulting e-commerce stores and websites to unprecedented levels of success. With her agency’s proficient team of developers, she also possesses the ideal talent pool to fulfill your requirements if you’re seeking to hire a Shopify developer in India.

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