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Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe that holds a unique and special history for all travelers to be excited about. Diversified culture and tradition prevail in the country. As it is close to the Atlantic Ocean a large variety of seafood you will get there. Especially The Algarve’s beach is the main center of attraction for tourists due to its peaceful weather and special variety of seafood. This country is a great place to explore if you have ever been interested to know about the history and beauty of European countries. You can travel to Portugal anytime to fulfill your vacation with lots of memories and special moments, though in the festive season the country is at another level.

Places to celebrate your best Christmas in Portugal

  • CampoPequeno for Christmas market- Welcome to the Christmas market 2022 at Campo Pequeno which is located in Lisbon. There are a lot of things to do at the special Christmas market in Lisbon. The complete market area is filled with various amazing Christmas gifts and kinds of stuff. The beautiful decoration of the market along with the lights and glitters will definitely have your heart. This marketplace is the best to have Christmas and New Year shopping with great deals and rates. Also, pastries are famous in this market so don’t forget to have at least one for you to add amazing taste and flavor during your pre-Christmas preparations. This is one of the most famous Christmas markets as compared to the others with a wide variety of costumes, jewelry items, books, designer apparel, and much more.
  • Obidos- If you are planning to celebrate your Christmas in Portugal then a trip to Obidos is a must to add. Obidos is a small village that takes only one hour to visit from Lisbon. The unique thing about this village is that during Christmas this whole village is converted into a Christmas village. You will get to see some amazing ancient architecture here in the village. You will get several hotel accommodations options to stay in the village. Hotel Rainha Santa Isabel is one of the great choices to have for comfort and hygiene under a budget. Enjoy the local food and the shows organized by the hotel owners for guest entertainment.

Traditional Christmas celebration in Portugal

Apart from parties and loud music, there is an ancient traditional way to celebrate Christmas and the best part is that it is still prevailing in most regions of Portugal. Following is the way to celebrate Christmas traditionally-

  • Going to Missa do Galo- The tradition of attending midnight mass still prevails in the Portuguese. It is known as Missa do Galo which is done at midnight on 24th December. After the mass prayer families get back to celebrate and exchange gifts. There is a very beautiful way to celebrate this tradition. Portuguese people have gifts that are bought by the little Jesus and they also put the baby Jesus in the family Crèche.
  • The dining table- Another tradition that prevails in Portugal is the Christmas table where everyone together shares the taste of love along with food. The popular dessert cuisine that is mandatory to be kept on the table is Arrozdoce which is the Portuguese rice pudding.
  • Build a presepio- Another popular tradition of celebrating Christmas in Portugal is building a Presepio with the children. For some christens Christmas is celebrated as the birth of Jesus so recreating his birth has become a tradition to many Portuguese families.

New Year celebrations in Portugal

Portugal is all set to welcome you to the astonishing New Year celebration with exciting parties and events. Visiting Portugal during New Year is the best time to have the country vibe with your friends or family. Every city in Portugal is lit up with beautiful decorative lights, markets are rushed with people buying gifts and deserts for their loved ones. You will get a reminder from the country vibe about the New Year’s Eve celebration. There is numerous way to cherish your New Year’s Eve 2022 in Portugal.

Apply now for a Portugal tourist visa, December is the best time to have a holiday in Portugal. You will get to experience the best back-to-back celebrations from Christmas to New Year in the country. Celebrate Christmas in the country which is especially known for this festival. This year some popular events are also there to make the Christmas and New Year 2022-2023 in Portugal memorable. All you need is your visa and bookings to be on time. Apply for a Portugal visa from the UK to get the express appointments and visa within the least processing time.

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