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An applicant tracking system, also known as job tracking software, is necessary for any company that wants to hire the best candidates. It can help you identify and track all the applications that have been submitted, helping you to make better decisions about who to interview and hire. 

You can also see which candidates have been chosen for an interview and when helping you to keep your process organized. Having an Applicant tracking system can also help you track your interviews’ progress and make better decisions about who to hire. 

The benefits of using Applicant tracking system are many and varied, but perhaps the most important is that it can help you to improve your hiring process. Using this software, you can ensure that you make the best decisions about who to interview and hire and that your method is as efficient as possible. 

How Can You Identify The Right Applicant tracking system? 

ATS software is the best tool to help you find the right talent for hiring, along with a fantastic job description, an excellent hiring team, and a strong hiring pipeline. 

There isn’t, however, a single, universal applicant tracking system. Every business has different needs, which are greatly influenced by organization size, industry membership, hiring volume, budget, etc. 

  1. Determine The Features That Are Pertinent For Your Business’s Size 

An ATS recruitment software’s primary function is to streamline your entire hiring process into a single platform, including gathering job requisitions and posting a position to numerous job boards. 

The job tracking software brings all candidates into one recruitment funnel and oversees the source-to-hire process from start to finish. Make sure that the Applicant tracking system you choose addresses current and foreseeable problems that your teams may encounter.  

  1. Analyze Consumer Feedback And Brand Reputation 

Look for customer testimonials from companies growing at the same rate as yours to get the inside scoop. Look into the pros and cons of the product’s features and user opinion.  

Look for customer success stories and endorsements from legitimate companies. There are thousands of ATS software available, so one quick way to narrow down your top 10 is to read customer reviews. 

  1. Consider The Usability 

Your recruitment team’s life should be made more accessible by Applicant tracking system. Your HR team’s workload increases if the job tracking software you select has a steep learning curve. Choose a tool that is simple to use, implement, and understand.  

Consider how user-friendly the Applicant tracking system (ATS) is for people who aren’t on the recruitment team, like hiring managers, who will be using it in the long run. 

  1. Verify if They Are Compatible With Your Technology Stack 

A tool may already manage your employee payroll records, interview schedules, and employment documents. Make sure the Applicant tracking system you select can integrate with these tools seamlessly without requiring you to switch to a different device altogether. 

  1. Make Sure The Price is Within Your Means 

One of the most crucial things to consider is the ATS recruitment software’s price, especially if you’re an SMB on a tight budget. Pricing for ATS vendors is frequently based on how many users use the tool. 

Other expenses might include platform fees or charges for moving data from your current tool to the new ATS recruitment software. Avoid fees for integration, training, or implementation that would drive up the total cost of ownership. Look into Freshteam’s transparent pricing, which enables you to pay only for the services you receive. 

Pitch N Hire is The Perfect Applicant tracking system 

Being surrounded by questions and the parametric to finding the best ATS software can be overwhelming, while you have many plans already in your head. But what if you have someone responsible behind your back with the right qualities in them to reach out to your ideal Applicant tracking system? 

Well, then, look no further than Pitch N Hire! It is an AI-powered talent acquisition looking forward to clients just like you. It provides suitable candidates with a clean sheet of their backgrounds, relevant and the perfect match for your required position, and also possesses the right qualities in them. 

Pitch N Hire’s AI-powered Applicant tracking system significantly impacts your small, moderate, or complex business! It has a high level of customer satisfaction and end-user experience. 

Services Provided By Pitch N Hire 

  1. Background Checks 

Use Pitch N Hire’s background check services for the most efficient way to ensure the safety of your talent pipeline. Using the most up-to-date technology and methods, they check our employees for any prior arrests, liens, or bankruptcies. 

  1. Contract Staffing 

Pitch N Hire’s contract staffing services are of the highest caliber because they bring together some of the top minds in the industry. Their subject matter experts have impressive educational backgrounds and work histories. 

  1. Permanent Staffing 

Pitch N Hire connects some of the industry’s top minds and provides the best contract staffing services. They collaborate with a diverse group of highly qualified and seasoned professionals. 

So skip waiting and contact Pitch N Hire today to experience the best applicant tracking system in the industry! 


After reading this article, you should better understand the different Applicant tracking system options and what they can do for your business. Make a wise decision and choose the right tool for your team. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1) How Can The Applicant tracking system Be Optimised? 

Consult Your Hiring Experts for Advice. 

Make adjustments to your internal processes and ATS to ensure alignment. 

Anywhere you can automate. 

Q2) Why is ATS Used in Hiring? 

With the help of an ATS, manual tasks can be automated, the recruiting team’s visibility into the hiring process is increased, and communication opportunities are expanded throughout the candidate journey. 

Q3) How Does Applicant tracking system Work For Recruiters? 

Companies can organize and track candidates using an applicant tracking system (ATS) for hiring and recruitment purposes. These systems enable businesses to gather data, classify prospects according to experience and skill level, and screen applicants. 

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