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They allow you to access geo-blocked content while abroad and they are also a great way to stay safe while using public Wi-Fi 

It is not always easy to choose the best VPN for use because of all the options available on the market. But, there are some tips that you can follow to make a good decision.


The first thing to think about is the location of the VPN server. If you are using a VPN for mobile privacy reasons, then it is important that the VPN provider has servers in countries with strong privacy laws.

Security –

The VPN industry is growing very fast, attracting many new providers. Not all have a lot of experience and don’t know much about the company.

Check your VPN Privacy Policy –

Almost all VPNs claim to keep no logs. But it’s not. Most VPNs are required to keep at least connection logs in order to provide service. However, some data such as B. Browsing history. Sometimes you want to keep it private. Check your VPN provider’s claims and read their privacy policy.


The next thing to think about is what kind of connection speed you need and how much bandwidth you have available. If you need fast connections and high bandwidth, then a paid VPN might be your best option because they will have more bandwidth at their disposal than free providers do

Read Reviews-

 It is always better to read reviews from people who have used the service before rather than just relying on marketing materials from providers. This will help you get a better idea of what others think about the service and what they like about it or not.

Check if your provider offers a free trial:

A free trial is an excellent opportunity to test the service and see how it works. You can even use this opportunity to test out other features and functions before committing to a paid subscription.

Consider Your Budget:

There are many VPN providers with different prices, so it is important that you consider your budget when choosing one. Ideally, you should choose one that matches your needs and fits well within your budget.

Easy to Setup and Use

You can easily install a VPN on all your devices such as Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. If your VPN doesn’t have the apps for the devices that use it, setup can be very awkward.

24/7 Live Support

We will provide 24/7 service via phone, email, and live chat. We’ll be there for you to help keep your network safe, secure, and always within reach.

Choose a VPN App for Multiple Platform

 A VPN should protect your computer. However, we also recommend setting up VPN protection on your smartphones, tablets, and other devices you use to surf the web. Look for a VPN with apps or software that covers all the devices you want to protect

Extra Features

Some VPNs come with various bonus features that can help. If you’re not sure which of the two powerful VPNs to choose, check out our list of extra features to decide which one is more useful for you.

Lists of some extra features  before choosing a VPN

Various payment options including cash, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and cryptocurrencies.

Custom ad blockers

Unlimited Bandwidth

One of the main reasons people use VPNs is to avoid ISP throttling. So paying for a VPN service and getting throttled again is a terrible idea. Before the age of streaming, bandwidth limitations may not have been an issue.

User-Friendly Interface

Many VPNs have set up processes and user interfaces that are too complex for your liking. If you’re not tech-savvy and don’t want to have trouble using a VPN, you need to find a VPN that’s organized, sleek and has intuitive apps.


Choose your VPN based on my performance testing recommendations. In other words, choose your VPN based on the trial period. Then try.


These are all the important factors that you need to keep in mind before selecting a VPN. If you want to buy a pin with all these features, a Smarters VPN gives all these features with affordable prices 

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