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Bag toppers have become the most popular option for closing up sealed bags like plastic ones. These bags have to create the safest environment in the bag. To make the safest environment that prevents the product placed inside the bag from damage, breakage, spoilage, and other inconveniences. Bag toppers play a vital role in closing the bags in a well-mannered form. A well-mannered form consists of many steps. The steps include packaging aspects that create perfect packaging techniques on the top headers. Firstly, we will notice and examine the purpose of these toppers. 

The main purpose of these small and large toppers is to lock the bag and market your product in the see-through bag.  Candies, cookies, macarons, party treats, minimal birthday gifts, girl’s accessories like hair pins, etc look more appealing in these kinds of decorated bags. Many businesses use these bags and manufacture these toppers for various purposes. The theme on these header cards acts as a perfect branding tool to capture the maximum attention of customers. Brands use these toppers as a source of branding or marketing elements for their products putting brand names, logos, and other branding elements on top of the toppers. Let’s delve into the essential steps that a brand should take before manufacturing their bag toppers for their plastic sealed bags. 

Consultation Before Creating Bag Toppers

Once you have decided to create a bag topper, you have to make a picture in your mind of what kind of result you want. After making a picture in your mind, you must consult packaging experts. Packaging experts will give all the guidelines about the packaging results. What type of material is suitable for your packaging and header toppers?  Which design, style, size, shape, and exterior packaging techniques will help them achieve their desired and perfect results? Consultation plays an essential role in making customers’ minds about their product packaging.  

Selection Of Material

After consultancy, it’s time to choose the right material for your product packaging. When it comes to the bag toppers, the material selection plays a great part in making them durable. You will want to choose the material that is not visually appealing but also serve best practices.  Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated material have become a suitable option for a bag topper for various types of bags like gift bags, party favors, Christmas gift bags, and much more. Things need to be considered before selecting the material for header cards. Lightweight and durable materials save extra shipping costs due to heavier weight in the luggage during transportation. The thickness and thinness of the header card material depends on the weight of the product placed inside the bag and the companies’ requirement. The more thicker the cardboard and kraft are the more it will provide protection to the product. 


Kraft material represents how eco-friendly your bag is. Eco-friendly materials help you in creating a good brand image in the market. Due to the Go Green packaging scheme, people prefer and like ecological product packaging to save climatic changes or disasters. Packaging experts guide their customers to give more property to environment-friendly materials because they know the preferability of this material in the world. Durable and flexible materials are easy to manufacture into any packaging aspect including design, style, shape, and size. 


Recyclable material choice helps brands to make a place in customers’ hearts. Cardboard and kraft are easily decomposed and do not need any effort while manufacturing them and recycling them. Also, saves additional costs in the recyclable manufacturing process. 

Desired Style And Shape

The style and shape of the topper bags depend on personal preferences and current marketing trends. While making a choice for their shape and style, you will make up your mind about the styles and shapes that you think look great and appeal to the customers. The possible style outcomes include options like rectangular, circular, square, die-cut bag toppers, scalloped/zigzag edges, and other custom shapes and styles. 

Creative Options

Moreover, all these styles have different purposes and features. For small bags, square ones have become the most suitable choice for bag toppers that look clean and balanced. Similarly,  circular ones are used for special occasions and can be customized into any unique design and logo. Die-cutting machines are used to make die-cut toppers that spread more creativity and innovation in your packaging. The most innovative and popular die-cut shapes for them includes hearts, flowers, and star-like shape according to the event and occasional theme. 

Fold-over, hold punch, zip lock, layered, and tent-style toppers you can choose to differentiate your brand from other competitors. While choosing the shape and style, you must consider marketing and branding, the purpose of the occasion, and the overall aesthetical outcome. Keep in mind that the chosen style and shape must fit the bag and complement the whole product presentation. 

Time To Imprint All Information On The Bag Topper

Once you have done with the style, design, and shape, you will have to print your packaging. The decided design and patterns will be imprinted on the packaging by the design software and make an interesting design that gives a lavish appeal to the plain kraft or cardboard material. The information you decide to put on the header cards should be wise and clear. Adding brand logos, companies’ names, and other elements on them helps in branding. The inks used while imprinting them should be non-toxic, the options include digital, soy ink, offset, PMS, and CMYK. 


After the selection of material, style, shape, and printing of the box, the next step is to assemble the bag toppers. By folding them over the bags, you will have to attach them to the sealed bag with thread, ribbon, string, or stabler pins.

Quality Control

Once you assemble these plastic bags with cardboard headers, inspection is the next and last step. Quality assurance of the packaging plays a huge part in finding errors in your packaging. All imperfections like printing defects, cutting errors, and other inconveniences should be examined before dispatching to the customers. 


We have discussed 7 steps that help you to create your bag toppers. Starting from the consultation, selection of material, choosing the desired design, style, and shape. Imprinting all the decided designs and information on the header cards gives a vibrant look on the plain paper. Once you finalize these things and give your packaging a perfect appearance, assembling is the next step. A perfectly assembled packaging appeals to customers make your profit and boost sales more by enhancing your brand recognition. Inspecting the packaging before dispatching makes you satisfied with your decisions. If you want to make high-quality and error-free product header cards, you can contact Custom Designs Boxes to attain all the benefits that we have discussed above. They have years of experience and provide the fastest turnaround time. You will be happy by adopting their packaging techniques.

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