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The sudden blockage of the upper airway occurs while one sleeps if the person has sleep apnea. Over time such an incident often leads to major heart issues, fatigue, high blood pressure, etc. Having a continuous positive airway pressure machine handy can help you treat sleep apnea effectively and recuperate quickly. A CPAP machine is instrumental in delivering air pressure via a mask when you sleep.

Search for a fully-functional CPAP machine on rent near me and make sure you get it from a trusted supplier if you reside in Delhi & NCR. In reality, getting your hands on a quality CPAP machine is a bit difficult. A considerable number of sellers don’t give any guarantee for the CPAP equipment they sell. Moreover, most people need to gain proper knowledge of the key features of a CPAP machine.

What are CPAP Machines?

One of the most effective treatments for sleep apnoea is the constant and correct usage of a CPAP machine. It is a medical device that aids in providing air pressure, which ultimately helps in opening the blocked airways. The body receives more oxygen because of a CPAP machine, which enables the airways to function well during sleep.

Sleep apnea can make you experience shortness or even loss of breath for a temporary period during the night. Chances are higher for facing significant health problems if you do not take the requisite steps to treat this medical condition. More than one billion people have sleep apnea worldwide. An advanced CPAP machine can help anyone recover faster from obstructive sleep apnea.

How Does a CPAP Machine Work?

The CPAP is a small, compact, and portable medical-grade device. Currently, there is no better alternative to it to cure sleep apnoea. People who suffer from this health condition consider a CPAP machine the best rescuer.

Almost each of them can sleep peacefully at night without any issues because of this air pressure-delivering device. You won’t feel uneasy while sleeping when the airways remain open and work in an effective way.

A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device is responsible for drawing in environmental air by means of a specialised fan. It is crucial in pressurising the air and delivering it to a patient through a mask. The CPAP machine can pressurise the air perfectly at a constant pressure. However, it depends on the pressure requirements of every unique patient.

Noteworthy Aspects to Prioritise when Investing in a CPAP Machine

Before shedding light on the essential features, having clear knowledge of the standard and auto CPAP machine price, types, and available brands is imperative. Making an informed CPAP device buying or renting decision won’t be a challenge once you have the correct information.

CPAP Device Types

  • Manual or Fixed CPAP: It is excellent in delivering air pressure continuously throughout the night. However, many patients find it uncomfortable right against constant pressure the entire night.
  • Auto CPAP: It comes with cutting-edge technology, which is why it is capable of correctly identifying the amount of pressure a patient needs. According to the patient’s requirement, an auto CPAP device delivers air pressure at an optimum level.

Available Brands

The market has multiple renowned, reliable, and premium brands besides the local ones. Relying on an esteemed CPAP device brand is advisable to ensure the money you spend on it is worth it. CPAP machines from trusted brands such as ResMed and Philips work with utmost efficacy. Hence, people with sleep apnea buy or rent these branded CPAP devices.


The prices of CPAP machines from different known and unknown brands vary. You will have a clear idea about the same once you visit traditional or online marketplaces. An auto CPAP machine is costlier than a manual CPAP. In India, the price of a CPAP machine usually ranges between Rs.30K-65K. Opting for a fixed or auto CPAP machine on rent near me is sensible if you can’t buy it.

Salient Features to Consider


One of the notable features is the ramp. Falling asleep in the beginning phase of the treatment is tough for individuals who have sleep apnea. You can set the ramp time if the CPAP machine you buy or rent has this feature. Doing so will compel the device to begin treatment with the lowermost pressure. Then, it will rise in a gradual manner and keep delivering the required pressure post the pre-set ramp time.


A CPAP therapy has no value these days if it does not have a humidifier. It is essential for CPAP therapy. Because of humidifiers, patients do not feel discomfort during the therapy. This feature helps prevent sore throat and dryness problems. At present, most CPAP machines come with a built-in heated humidifier. Only a few CPAP devices are available that have easy-to-detach humidifiers.

Sleep Data Recording

Invest in a CPAP machine that has a sleep data recording feature. It records and stores data pertinent to the sleep cycles of a patient. Besides your sleep duration and the time the CPAP machine worked at night, the feature helps you understand leak rates, snoring episodes, apnoea events, etc. Sharing the recorded data via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your smartphone is also possible nowadays.

Expiratory Relief

You can exhale without any problem at night while you sleep, putting on the mask because of the expiratory relief feature. Breathing out against the constant air pressure is difficult and immensely uncomfortable for an individual who suffers from obstructive sleep apnoea. The expiratory relief feature helps with pressure drop during exhalation to aid users in breathing out effortlessly.

Quiet CPAP Device

Besides the auto CPAP machine price, ensuring that it has a low noise level is paramount. It is judicious to buy or rent a CPAP device with a sound level under 30 dB. Check the specifications section to find the noise rating for your CPAP equipment. If your device operates at 30dB, it will be called a whisper-level CPAP medical device.

Kosmed Healthcare is a renowned supplier of a range of premium-quality and highly-trusted medical equipment in Delhi and NCR, such as CPAP machines. Renting a CPAP device from this supplier will certainly aid in meeting your needs and help you recover from sleep apnea quickly.

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