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Initially, phones were just used to receive calls or sending texts. Presently the time has changed and everything has gone mobile. From health to travel and news to entertainment, every bit and piece of information is available on the go.

Every day we are occupied with different apps to play games, socialize with friends and manage day-to-day tasks. With the growing popularity of mobile app development companies, thousands of apps are released in different niches.

Personal development and growth is one such niche, where people show a lot of interest. The reason is everyone wants to improve the lifestyle and be ahead of everyone. On the off chance that you are keen on self-improvement, you can utilize innovation to develop yourself.

Here is the list of best personal development apps you could use to nurture yourself.


In the event that you are searching for cerebrum games, Lumosity application is ideal for you. The games in the application are created to test your psychological insight and improve your openness. The app will help you to nurture your brain and keep it active. You can improve your memory through this app which helps you increase your observation skills.

Lumosity causes you in settling on better choices and focus on little subtleties. The app is available for free on Google Play Store with plenty of challenging puzzles. Attempt this application and lift your psychological capacities and knowledge.

Habit Factor

Habit Factor is another great app for your personal development, especially if you are looking forward to adopting new habits. It comes with detailed tracking for days, months, and weeks. For example, if you will probably shed 20 pounds introduce the application and adhere to your objectives by finding your advancement. At the end of the week or month, you can track how much weight you have lost and how strictly you followed a healthy diet plan and workout.

Self Help Classics

Self-improvement Classics is an unquestionable requirement have application on the off chance that you need to get groundbreaking show-stoppers from Dale Carnegie, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Florence Shinn, Albert Einstein and significantly more. For example, you can learn the art of public speaking authored by Dale Carnegie or the science of getting rich by Wallace Wattles.
The best element of Self-Help Classics App is that it accompanies free voice understanding alternative. Whether you are in the mood for reading your favorite masterpiece or want to listen to them, this app will help you in self-development.


Remente acts like a self-awareness device to help carry on with a sound and rich life. The tools contained in the app will teach you how to get organized and productive while committing to goals and taking actions

There are a number of things to learn from this app. For instance, you can get an objective setting manual for lead you to set attainable objectives. Moreover, the day planner will help you stay committed to to-dos as well as actions and tasks. The application additionally contains curated articles and activities about each part of life. will help you completely transform your life through self-coaching, community coaching, and private coaching. The app was previously known as Lift. The idea of the app is that if you are motivated, you can achieve your goals.

In addition, likewise encourages clients to build up an arrangement. The user can set actionable steps to reach their goals. Individual instruction offered in this application makes it superb. The application is accessible for nothing and will help you track your propensities effectively.

In the event that you have some other application that isn’t recorded and love utilizing it, kindly let us k

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