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Nowadays, all of us can witness the proliferation of cloud service-providing companies. This is because, cloud computing serves as the supply of computing services, over the internet. These services incorporate databases storage, software servers, analytics, and networking.

Those organizations that offer computing services are known as cloud providers. Consumers of such services pay based on usage, which is quite similar to the way people are billed for electricity and water at home.

With the passage of time, cloud services have helped small businesses and enterprises to stay competitive and take their businesses to a whole new level. The key elements of cloud service include file distribution, efficiency, information protection and security, remote accessibility, and document authoring.

•   According to Forbes, “Global expenditure on public cloud services will rise at a 19.4% annual growth rate (CAGR) from approximately $70B in 2015 to more than $141B in 2019”.

•   TBR forecasts global public cloud revenue will rise from $80B in 2015 to $167B in 2020 (Source).

•   Source predicts that Microsoft cloud products will be 30% of revenue by 2018.

The statistics above endorse that cloud computing is the future. For this reason, in the article, I am providing you a list of some best cloud service providers in the USA.

1. AT&T

Here is the list of some cloud solutions that AT&T provides.

•   Colocation Services: It empowers you to emphasize on business growth—not overhead and real estate.

•   Cloud Networking for Business: Authorize your workers with an accessible, foreseeable, and immensely secured association to the cloud via AT&T NetBond.

•   Content Delivery Network: Ensures customer engagement with extremely reliable admittance to high-quality media via AT&T Content Delivery Network (CDN).

•   Virtual Data Center: It amalgamates networking, computing, and storage to assist you scale and adapt to shifting market dynamics.

•   Cloud Content Management: Empowers you to manage or access your content from every place virtually. It is highly secure, simple storage solution and cloud file sharing.

2. Silicus

Silicus energies clients’ digital conversion by creating cloud apps, updating their bequest apps, permitting as-a-service mock-ups and emerging mobile solutions, and disruptive IoT. It assists you in innovating with contemporary cloud-native architectures, constructed with high agility, self-service cloud infrastructure, and distributed at speed using DevOps, automation, and constant delivery.

It has specialized in next generation applications utilizing twelve-factor philosophy, container technology, anti- fragility designs, APIs and micro service architecture. Silicus takes full benefit of scalability, cost, elasticity and performance advantages provided by the cloud to create robustly.


It delivers scalable, affordable, and enhanced cloud app development services for your individual needs, enterprise, or organization.

Its platform and cloud app development services will complement the client’s private platform as a service (Paas) provider for the conversion to the cloud. It assists both small and large industries and businesses to build, deliver, market, and design services permitting key stakeholders to simply access apps virtually from any place. This promotes amplified productivity and supports central business functions.

4. MicroSoft Azure

Cloud migration is very simple if the right tools and plans are implemented. For this reason, Microsoft Azure takes complete advantage of a comprehensive cloud migration solution. This will enable the customers to get TCO analysis. This will integrate into the Azure experience and provide assistance in management, migration, discovery, business case development, and management.

In addition to this, it extends clients’ on-premises infrastructure to the cloud for an actually reliable hybrid solution. It gets there quickly, smartly, with powerful and flexible tools that aid to safeguard a fruitful workload validation and migration of all cloud dependencies and apps.

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